Attachments, Dreams, Struggles

Tarot Time is back this month! I took a bit of a break from writing last month due to the chaos that is life, but I (along with the cards) am happy to be back with the monthly readings. For this issue, I decided to just leave things open-ended and see what cards came up. If you have done a written pick-a-card reading before, you know what to do! If not, I have some guidance for you.

To get started, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself to be guided to the message(s) that are meant for you. You have a few options now to help you pick your message. You can see which corresponding image you are drawn to, ask yourself to pick a number (one, two, or three), or just let your eyes fall to the section you are pulled to read. You can also read multiple messages, or all of them if you feel like that is right for you.

Color the image(s) that speak to you. Sleep with the image(s) under your pillow. Go with your intuition and try not to second guess yourself! Have a wonderful month.

A repeating pattern of curved lines that look almost woven together.

Card One

If you were drawn to this message, it is time to make sure that you are letting yourself receive help. The Six of Pentacles is about generosity and exchange — you give some and you take some. A lot of us can become very uncomfortable when it comes to receiving some sort of assistance, especially those who have experienced the downside of gifts coming with strings attached. I have written recently about how not all strings are bad when you mindfully and compassionately weave them together as a community. This may be something very helpful to reflect on. When you give time, gifts, and care to a friend and they return it by showing care as well, the strings attached are the bond between you. If you weave with the right people, you won’t get tangled in them. So focus on community and growing the right connections authentically.

One of the things you need to do this month is recognize the value of your contributions outside of a financial point of view. Your labor, your time, your mental energy, and your care all matter. It is not a bad thing to recognize your value. The other thing you may need to do is journal and reflect on the relationship you have with others helping you, and when/why it has been a struggle. Where does this generosity wound come from, and how do you plan to heal it? And in return, what kinds of things do you wish to give back to the world so that the exchange stays balanced?

A black-and-white image of planets in space, with a alien looking spaceship in the corner.

Card Two

The Fool is for those who felt drawn to this second message. Contrary to what you may believe this card represents from the name alone, this is a fairly positive card. The Fool is about casting doubt aside and lightening your burdens. It is about remembering not to take everything too seriously, and that sometimes it is possible and good to follow your dreams. Having this card in your life indicates positive fresh starts that will lead your life in a whole new direction, so be flexible and ready to go! This will cost you your comfort zone, however, so be prepared to enter a period of shedding the old as you take strides toward the future. This is a time to make big leaps and dream big!

So this month, spend some time thinking about what areas of your life are requiring big shifts, and where fear may have held you back in the past. How do you wish to properly assess risk in the future so that you avoid the pitfalls, while not keeping yourself too deeply embedded in your comfort zone? Recapture the joy and optimism of being a child again, but combine it with the wisdom you have gained over the years. Trust that not everything about this new journey has to go perfectly; you are equipped to handle what comes next.

A black-and-white image of a mountain range, with the sun rising in the horizon.
A black-and-white image of a mountain range, with the sun rising in the horizon.

Card Three

If you felt a pull to this third message, you have likely had to deal with some struggles recently. The Five of Pentacles is about hardship, money issues, being thin on resources in general, and feeling alone when it comes to tackling the world. You may have been trying to remain positive a lot, but it still feels overwhelming and like things are not changing fast enough. The card refers to this struggle, but the good news is that it also tends to refer to temporary situations and indicate that a solution is on the way.

This month, you need to take care of yourself emotionally and mentally however you can, and don’t let anyone dismiss your feelings about your struggles. Find support — people who understand your situation — and be open to help when offered. Be on the lookout for new opportunities but do not kick yourself if you do not have the energy to chase after every single one. If your struggle has been with money, recognize that financial trauma is very real and it is okay if you feel like you are not always yourself right now. If your struggle is more about time, energy, and a lack of family support, know that you are just one person and it is okay to not be superhuman. Regardless of what your struggle is, know that you are enough and that solutions are coming… they just may take some time to get here.

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting or go to her walk-in readings at Luna Wellness Center in Pasco. Instagram: @seidr_whispers