It is time for a tarot pick-a-card reading! I kept this one very general with no specific question in mind, letting the cards simply speak for themselves. Before we begin, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to those who read this, especially those who have taken the time to reach out and share how they use these messages in their lives. It means a lot to me to share this with such a wonderful community. With that said, take a few moments to center yourself in whatever way works for you. That may be deep breaths, getting a cup of tea or coffee first, or putting on some relaxing music.

When you feel ready, ask yourself to be drawn to a number (one, two, or three) that will correspond with the message you are meant to receive. The key is not to overthink this; go with your instinct, even if you are drawn to more than one number. If you prefer more chance to be involved, you can also roll some dice until you get one of the numbers and go from there. As always, the message you read is just the beginning. Feel free to journal about it, connect it to things you are reading or enjoying right now, and look for ways to take the reading and expand on it.

Card One:

If you were drawn to this card, the Eight of Cups is your message for this month. This card likes to appear to those who need to go on an emotional or spiritual journey, specifically one that asks them to leave some things in the past. The Cups suit rules over things like relationships, spirituality, emotions, and fulfillment. The figure in the card has laid down eight cups and has turned away from them to continue their journey, which is now a bit lighter.

What brought you to this journey may have been painful, but if you handle this with discernment and emotional maturity, you will be heading into a better situation for yourself emotionally and spiritually. Take a moment to reflect on what you need to start setting down and walking away from, what cannot come with you into the next stage of your personal development. Don’t be caught off guard by anything from the past that resurfaces, especially the things you thought you had already set down. This card challenges us to let go so we can start pursuing things that enhance our lives, not just the goals we thought we needed to achieve for the sake of achievement. This can be a heavy process, but it’s worth it!

Card Two:The Two of Swords is a card of decisions, trusting your gut, and getting past what you think you know. The figure is often shown blindfolded, indicating that — at least for now — they cannot simply use their sight to see the path ahead. When sight is unavailable, the figure must use their other senses to gather the information they can. Even then, they might not have enough information to be comfortable making a decision, but they must make one anyway. If the person at the crossroads makes their decision and truly owns it, their chances of success are much higher than if they refuse to decide at all.

If this was your card, you will have some decisions this month that require you to see things from a different perspective. You may not be able to rely on your usual skills to make these decisions, but you should not let this stop you. One of the best lessons of this card is that in this situation the only wrong decision is to not make one at all. Get out of a perfectionist mindset; stop agonizing over what the ‘right’ choice is and trust yourself to deal with what comes ahead — no matter what. What if you make the ‘wrong’ decision? You can trust yourself to adapt and fix it from there, and you’ll realize that there was never really a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to begin with. The right thing to do is simply to act.

Card Three:

The Temperance card is about blending, patience, and restraint. The figure in it embodies the structure and stability of the earth and the fluidity of the water. Both are so different, but neither is more needed than the other. Embracing this balance leads to a flow of understanding and reveals truths that can be life-changing! This card often refers to things in our lives that will be a long-term commitment. Some things cannot be rushed.

If this is the card that found you this month, you are in for a significant journey of personal and spiritual growth — one that calls for an awakening of sorts. You are starting to see things for how they are, not for what the world has painted them to be. Handling this with balance and avoiding leaping to extremes will serve you well; you will need to get comfortable with multiple things being true at the same time. A lot of changes may happen in your life that can change the course of it completely! You must be very open and honest with yourself about what changes need to happen and go forward with a mindfulness that is carefully nurtured and balanced. Big things are shifting for you now!

Jae Melland is a tarot, palm, and rune reader serving the Tri-Cities. You can schedule a reading with Jae by visiting or by going to her walk-in readings at Luna Apothecary in Pasco. Instagram: @‌seidr_whispers