This is a volunteer effort, with the aim to contribute to community-driven initiatives and information for Eastern Washington. Tumbleweird has a mission to “serve the truly powerful: the underdogs, the misfits, the outsiders, the newcomers, those on the margins, and the ones who defy the status quo.” Towards this end, they have worked with a local group to make their stories more accessible to sight-impaired people by retooling their website to be compatible with screen-readers. But as we know, AI voices are a poor substitute for the rich experience of listening to a human narrator. We are taking part in the effort to bring current events and community information to everyone who needs and enjoys the narrative experience, with a human touch.

February 2024: Volume 9, Issue 2

“Circling the Wagons” by Dori Luzzo Gilmour
Narrated by Shae Strong

V9i2 circling the wagons 001

March 2024: Volume 9, Issue 3

“Do androids dream of Philip K. Dick?” by Steven Woolfolk
Narrated by Randell Moore

V9i3 PKD

“Golden Paladin: Land of Chaos” (Metacosm Chronicles #44) by N.A. Soleil
Narrated by Shae Strong and Randell Moore

V9i3 Golden Paladin Duet Sub1