Welcome to the gayborhood, enjoy our complimentary daiquiri

I want you to hold me
Like nobody has ever
Known me before your
Hands wrapped around
My throat
I want you to hold me
So tightly that your knuckles
Turn white, and we're both
Surprised by how right it feels
I want you to hold me
Like you never want to let go again
Gripping me so closely I disappear
Into the abyss of your being
I want you to hold me
The way that I want to hold you
As if the only thing more terrifying
Than letting go is not knowing
How you like to be held

-Written by Dribble Drabble Rubble Rabble. My wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo. I had to put my foot down.

Dear Conservative America

How are you anti
Black lives, covid lives, and yet
Claim to be pro-life?

-Haiku by Anonymous

Can we really say that we're not just a group of overly emotional onions internally

I shave away layers, piece by piece
To reshape myself with silicone
Genetics cannot restrain my beauty
My internal self, turned outward
To be exposed incrementally
I will not create art
I will become art

My body is the divine canvas
My soul, a horsetail paint brush
Flagellation is my creed
I am condemned to a life
Of picture-perfect performance
Death to the natural self
Death to the unborn love

I work to afford a gym membership
So that I can look good at work
For people who hate me, their eyes
Search for imperfections I have hidden
Beneath layers of designer clothing
Prada is my shield, my goddess
Lulu Lemon is my saving grace

My body has become a stranger to me
I no longer recognize the curves of her
Chest, the shape of her hips, the angles
Of her lips are unfamiliar and disturbing
She is no longer my spiritual avatar
She is a puppet I do not control
Her strings are pulled mercilessly

-Written by Diva Dram. Screw the war on drugs, we should start a war on Instagram and the commercialization of the internet, they're ruining my childhood happy place for profit

This Poem Has Been Likened to Stewie Talking About Squiggly Lines
Burst forth, ponderous thought

Tear through my fragile skin
And bleed across my keyboard
Let your essence flow unabated
Free and uncompromised

Are you afraid of context?
Of being misplaced, mispronounced?
I proclaim you singular
And in your singularity,
You are without equal
None have come before you
And none will come after you
Is it lonely, forlorn thought?
Are you afraid of context?

I am your master, and you
Are the idol upon my altar
The god who fills my dreams
With bird song and ecstasy
I long for your attention
I crave your fleshy embrace
For hours I sit and wait
Impatient and imploring
Please don't leave me alone
My room is empty without you

-Written by Ddavi Rma. Beep Boop Boop, the robots are coming, and they're angry about being pushed over for entertainment on ‘popular video platforms’ beep boop.

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash