What are some concerns you have for Black residents in the Tri-Cities?

Not much of a concern, but the Black community needs the space to present their great minds and culture, and to receive equal benefits as any other.

How can we, as citizens, get more involved and make a difference?

Show up to council meetings and take advantage of public comments to get things of concern on the council's agenda.

What do you want the Black community to know about being on City Council?

That the council does strive to give and show equality to everyone and desires to work [with] every community to improve our city.

How important do you feel it is to have Black representation on the City Council?

I feel that it is not only important, IT IS MANDATORY that we have Black representation in every area of the city; I encourage our Black family members (community) to step up and take their position(s) to ensure that our legacy will carry on.

What are some issues in the Black community that you would like to see addressed in the future in our city?

  • Black equity
  • Black financial support towards furthering education
  • Minority loans
  • Black educational centers to share our power and creativity, for we are the trendsetters, engineers, and great philosophers that moved this nation without recognition

Tell us more about Irving Brown. What was your childhood like and how did it shape the man we see today?

My childhood was solid and biblically based, I grew up with nine other sibling boys and a single Phenomenal Matriarch for a mother. I had no idea that my childhood would prepare me for such a task, but looking back, it was my designed assignment from GOD, to see about his people on many different levels of servanthood.

What life experiences do you feel prepared you for the seat that you currently hold?

  • Humility
  • Biblical lifestyle
  • Servanthood experiences
  • School
  • Powerful mentors and encouragement along the way
  • Powerful relationship with Jesus Christ

What do you want young Black men and women in our community to know about having and using their voices and their votes?

That their voice has the power to change the world: “I am what GOD created to change the world.”

What is the number one thing you wish everyone in the Tri-Cities knew and understood?

  • Unity
  • Communication is the KEY to success
  • Together we can conquer anything and everything
  • We must become more vocal in our movement and stand together as one POWERFUL voice to create change.

In 2022, Irving L. Brown, St. became the first African American appointed Pasco City Council member in 15 years. He hails from Newark, New Jersey, where he grew up and attended early school years and then relocated to California. After many years, he attended Columbia Basin College of Pasco, WA, to continue his pursuit of completing his bachelor's degree in business management.

Irving has been a Human Resources Professional for over 15 plus years. He has developed Human Resource policies and procedures in accordance with company strategies and in compliance with local and federal labor laws. He has continued learning the Spanish language over the years with first-hand training within the workplace, which allowed him to be a high-functioning communicator in English and Spanish. He is also a mentor/big brother to many of our youth in the community of all different races, backgrounds, ages, and cultures. He attends the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Pasco, WA.

Irving now serves as the Human Resources Manager for Oasis Farms in Prosser, WA. Additionally, he serves as the council member for Pasco City Council District 3 with a goal of “Building Together” for the future of Pasco, WA, and strengthening our city's economy without compromising vital services while maintaining a culture of equity, inclusion, and empowerment in our local government.