I always felt
The underlying current
Radiating between us

Holding your gaze
Heart racing
Shuddering breath

Sitting so close
Pressing my leg against yours
Not shying away

Leaning in
Brushing my lips
Close to your ear

Soft whispers
Light caresses
Throbbing ache

Warm lips on mine
Our tongues dance
Breathing you in

Tunneling my fingers
Through thick locks
Clutching you to me

I’m out of breath
Pressing closer
Why can’t I get enough?

How long I wished for this
Envisioned it

I’m a frenzy
With insatiable desire
Catching fire

It’s you I want to drown in
Push me over the edge
Toward satisfaction

-by Jamie Knight.

Signs for Nicole

Do you have the eyes to see?
I once imagined that you might.
The universe is opening up right before your soul.
BEGGING you to take notice.

Find the map written in another language.
Learn the sounds of Love and Mercy.
Follow where they will lead you.

But you must loosen yourself from this world.
And let your imagined self slip away.
To walk the steps of the foolish.
To join the true Heart.

-by soundofdave. something in the way

Obligations, by Adam Whittier. Adam Whittier is a cartoonist based in Richland /, Instagram: whittier_comix

Ayahuasca Shaman, by Heidi Elkington. Instagram: @heidielkington

Main image: R-L-01 by Jesse Clyde
a soft love disappearing into itself