The 14th annual Battle on the Columbia is happening on August 5, 2023. This martial arts tournament brings together martial artists from around the Tri-Cities and the surrounding areas, allowing different styles to come together and learn from one another. Battle on the Columbia is open to all belt ranks, age ranges, and genders. Martial artists can compete in sparring, forms/katas, and weapons work, which allows martial artists of all skill levels to gain experience and build confidence in their style.

I started to attend Battle on the Columbia as a white belt when I was eight years old, and was able to build my confidence as a martial artist while opening my horizons to new styles and techniques. Now, as a second-dan black belt, it has been amazing to continue to grow and watch other martial artists, both young and old, grow along with me.

Chonji Martial Arts Academy hosts this open tournament and encourages all martial arts schools from around the Pacific Northwest to attend. Medals are awarded to those who win first, second, and third places in the tournament, and trophies made by local artists are awarded to those who win the Junior Grand Championships and Grand Championship. Battle on the Columbia is a great environment to learn, compete, and build community in the martial arts world. 

If you or someone you know is interested in competing in this year's Battle on the Columbia, go to to register.